While it finally became clear that the passage


Although Denis was exonerated within a trial, the Paris faculty forbade future transfusions.  cheapest rs gold  years later Parliament declared transfusions to be illegal. The government in Rome also outlawed the transfusion of blood from individual to individual, however the Royal Society of London maintained its approval.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, experimental research on transfusions in animals, and also humans, demonstrated that exsanguinated animals could possibly be restored, that oxygen was transported by the blood, and that blood produced incoagulable by whipping out its fibrin content could possibly be administered to animals.


While it finally became clear that the passage of blood from animals to humans was prohibitively dangerous, the hazards of transferring blood from human to human had been extra slowly realized. Blundell, Ponfick, Landis, Arthur, and Pager reported on some of the physiological and chemical effects of transfusions, however the contributions to immunology by Ehrlich, Bordet, Gengou, and others have been the substantial

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