that the Federer game has started


Grand Slam tournaments, he is nevertheless widely considered to be just as great a tennis runescape gold  with some tennis insiders dubbing him the top tennis player never ever to win a Grand Slam. Despite this and all his achievements, the Andy Murray tennis game has simply never been quite enough to


win him 1 of these elusive trophies, even on the house courts with the All England Tennis Club’s Wimbledon Championships. Federer, nonetheless, has been a diverse story, consistently winning those big tournaments it’s only in recent years and with the arrival around the scene of that dominant Serb Djokovic that the Federer game has started to wane.

Even though these two players don’t share exactly the same kind of rivalry as Nadal and Federer, they did meet this year in the Dubai Open where incredibly they each placed greater than Djokovic.

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